Depilating with a blade is one of the most used methods when saying goodbye to body hair. Maybe because it’s the fastest and painless. Hence, in a few minutes, we have the perfect skin to continue doing what we like, without worrying about any type of hair.

But it is true that depilating with a blade also brings a series of myths that we will talk about today as well as the most practical tips if you opt for hair removal like this. If you are one of those who choose this method of hair removal, do not miss everything we have prepared for you.

A day before, exfoliate your skin

The truth is that using any method of hair removal, we must take into account this detail. It is an essential step to prepare the skin and that hair removal is perfect. We will eliminate the dead cells and thanks to this step, we can also help those hairs that remain semi-buried in the skin and that are quite complicated to remove. So for this, you can help with any specific product or prepare a mixture of sugar with your favorite moisturizer and go. You will start at the ankle area and you will do a gentle massage with circular movements, going up the entire leg.blade

Use foam to moisturize the skin

Depilating with a blade can have very good results, but it is always necessary to follow a series of indications to achieve it. Therefore, do not hurry and choose to hit in each case. In this, it is best to always apply gel or foam intended for this type of hair removal. Because in this way, we will make the blade easier to slide all over the skin, achieving good results. Although it is true that many women choose to use soap, it is not advisable. More than anything because it tends to dry the skin and we want or need it to be always well hydrated.

Slide the blade without pressure

To try not to damage the skin, it is best to slide the blade, but without exerting any pressure on the skin. Otherwise, we can irritate her even more. That is why, for the method is more correct, we must moisten the skin well and then use the specific product in the form of foam or gel that we indicated earlier. Since although they seem unnecessary steps are the opposite. When we see that the skin is drying, then we will apply a layer of foam again to make the process easier.

Shaving with a blade makes the hair grow stronger?

It is one of the most frequent questions that are asked by all people who think about depilating with a blade. But it also seems that the specialists indicate that no. Passing the blade does not indicate that more hair grows or that it comes out with more force. But it is true that it is a method in which the hair will come out quickly. It is painless, but it must also be mentioned that the hair does not weaken at any time. Something that does happen with other methods such as wax or laser techniques.

After depilating with a blade

It is true that before waxing we can apply a little hot water to the area. So that the pores open slightly. After said hair removal, nothing like the opposite, ie cold water. But also, we can always choose a little moisturizing oil or cream that we have on hand to calm the skin. But that yes, that does not take any type of alcohol, because we could irritate the zones more.

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