The sparkling water is a very healthy alternative, it is true that in Europe do not consume large amounts of water with gas because we are not used to it.

Around 50% of the European population consumes water with gas; however, in other countries, they consume it in greater proportion.

The water with gas, unlike the natural water, carries in its interior carbonic acid, for that reason its name also is known like carbonated water, soda or water of siphon. This carbonic acid is responsible for the bubbles and therefore the gas.

Characteristics of sparkling water

The sparkling water can be consumed at any time of the day, in a common way, it is consumed during meals, although it is also used as a mixture to reduce alcoholic beverages, add them to juices to create a homemade soft drink.

It is very important to keep the body and the body hydrated, it does not matter if you drink infusions, natural juices or sparkling water, therefore, choose the drink that you like and take it at least 2 liters a day.Water

Benefits of sparkling water

  • El water gas helps stimulate the secretion of gastric juices.
  • Improves intestinal activity and with it, digestions. Ideal to drink after a copious meal or dinner to facilitate proper digestion.
  • If you suffer from heavy digestion or dyspepsia, you can change and start drinking more water with gas often.
  • Lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • It is beneficial for our heart, reducing the chances of suffering heart disease.
  • It controls blood pressure and helps to properly hydrate the organs.
  • Reduces the number of triglycerides in the blood.
  • Eliminates excess sodium through urine.
  • It is perfect to cool off in the summer months.
  • It can be accompanied by fruit and slices of vegetables to create a delicious drink. It is a substitute to sugar-rich soft drinks.

Other uses of sparkling water

This drink is so beneficial for the body, we can also use it to help us in certain daily tasks and home. Here are some examples:

  • Cleans coffee stains, wine, sauces. It acts in a similar way to bicarbonate.
  • We can use sparkling water to effectively clean the mussels and remove the sand.
  • We can use a mixture of water with gas and flour for our cake mixes. In the same way, as beer does. This will make our recipes fluffier.
  • The water with gas can be consumed every day, however, it is not good to exceed its consumption since in general. The water with gas that consumes has gone through an artificial process in which carbonic acid has been introduced.drinking sparkling water

Contraindications of drinking sparkling water

We have to bear in mind certain recommendations when consuming it. It is not convenient to overdo it because it would greatly increase the presence of gases in the digestive tract and could be counterproductive.

Next, we tell you what are the contraindications and the most important aspects so that you always have it in mind:

  • We do not advise that people, who tend to accumulate gases in their body, consume too much, could uncontrolled their body.
  • People with irritable bowel should also avoid its use.
  • Those people who suffer from reflux and acidity in the esophagus. It would cause more acidity and discomfort after meals.
  • People with severe respiratory failure could make their situation worse if they abuse the water with gas or any carbonated drink.

The key to sparkling water is to take it consciously and not abuse it. The recommended is to consume two glasses of water a day. In Spain, there are fewer natural gas springs, compared to other countries such as Germany. Therefore, in countries of northern Europe, are more accustomed to its consumption.

We encourage you to consume in view of the good weather, sparkling water so you can enjoy its consumption, its properties, and its benefits. Remember not to abuse it and avoid it if you have any of the pathologies mentioned above.

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