The trend make-up 2018 praise the color in view of spring and provide for the use of products with shimmer and the bright finish for the face, lips and eyes. Let’s find out all the makeup and nail trends of the year and the collections not to be missed in perfumery!

The make-up Spring 2018 trends for eyes, lips, face, and nails are mostly aimed at playing a beauty look energetic and colorful. Pastel eyeshadows will be the most popular for eye makeup, while the shades of fuchsia, raspberry, and rose will not be missed for cheeks and lips. Also, the fashion colors for the nails will stand out for a joyful and vibrant mood, perfectly in line with the rest of the make-up. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2018 makeup trends.

The white pencil is back in fashion. A light Kajal, to be applied shaded to the whole eyelid, like eyeliner on the top rhyme or as eye pencil in the inner rhyme, is able to make the eyes immediately more open, relaxed and luminous.

Colorful eye makeup

The colorful eye makeup is the one most enthusiastically suggested by make-up artists who work in the backstage of the catwalks. Go ahead with vitamin and bright tones such as electric blue, green and orange, but also with the most delicate pastel shades.

A very fashionable trend is the combination of eye pencil and eyeshadow of the same color, preferably tone on tone for a very sophisticated degraded eye make-up.

The lips for spring 2018 will be full and luscious, to be used with colored gloss or creamy lipsticks with a satin finish. All the shades of pink, from the soft to the fuchsia, as well as the classic red lipstick.

Make-up artists suggest combining a matte red lipstick with a touch of gloss at the center of the lips for a guaranteed plumping effect.


The glossy lips, in essence, almost permanently supplant those made up with opaque lipsticks.

As for the face base, with the approach of spring, the product not to be missed is a bright foundation for a very natural glow skin effect.

The use of the illuminant will be referred to the creation of a luminous and uniform base as if the skin were transparent.

The bronzer and the blush cannot miss in the bag of every beauty addicted that respects. The first to warm up the complexion as if it were kissed by the sun, the second to enhance the cheeks and give them a healthy look.

What will be the fashionable enamel colors? Not even on this, there are doubts. The nails with pink enamel or candy pink will be very trendy, as well as pastel colored nails.

Next to the rose is the mint and light blue enamel, followed by the rating of the most prestigious beauty houses with vitamin shades such as yellow and orange.

The finish to be preferred will continue to be the glossy one, for gel nails or gel effect always in order.


The fashion colors for make-up 2018 will be, in essence, romantic and delicate colors, like pink to choose for a total look that involves the face, eyes, and lips.

The UltraViolet in make-up 2018 will be very trendy, thanks to its role as Pantone 2018 color. Purple eyeshadows, purple lipsticks, and purple glazes will ensure that you do not miss the look.

Also, the green will be very fashionable, in all its nuances, from the olive green to the much brighter green lawn.


There will be, as always, the trend makes up that will struggle to leave the catwalk because they are too eccentric. This is the case, for example, of the highly structured graphic eye makeup.

Even the jeweled lips, embellished with rhinestones and sequins, will not know great popularity among ordinary women but are a glam idea for a special look, like a true beauty addicted.


With the arrival of new seasons, it is unthinkable not to take a peek at the most beautiful Spring/summer 2018 make-up collections, the ones that are making the enthusiasts discuss and quiver with desire.

The Neapolis collection by Chanel is undoubtedly one of these, conceived by the creative director Lucia Pica to celebrate her hometown, Naples. The Fresco palette of 9 eyeshadows is a real collector’s item, which is flanked by glazes, creamy lipsticks, and long-lasting liquid lipsticks.

The top colors are Pompeian green and red, followed by the warm tones of the Vesuvius lava and the earth.

Also, not to be missed is the Dior Primavera 2018 make-up collection, all based on shades of pink. This feminine color characterizes the nails, face, eyes, and lips of the French Maison.

New finishes and new shades of Dior Lip Glow are coming soon, the iconic color lip balm that reacts with the ph of the skin of each of us. How to resist?

In the gallery, many makeups look not to be missed for spring.

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