Having perfect eyebrows is now possible following a series of tips and tricks. Because there are still many women who do not pay much attention to them. This can be a big mistake because the eyebrows are also what define and mark our eyes.

Therefore, they have to have a very special role at the time of being taken care of. Hence, today we leave you some basic and effective tricks to have perfect eyebrows. You just have to put them into practice to be able to how your expression can change slightly. Are you ready for the change?

Follow the natural shape of the eyebrows

It is clear that many times we see the famous and we want to show what they look like. But it is not always possible and we do not talk about expensive dresses or accessories in the same way, but in the features, we cannot imitate them as we would like. Because each one of us has a natural eyebrow shape.

Something that we must maintain. How do I know which is the correct way? It is very simple. You must draw a line from the nose up to discover the point where the eyebrow part. Then, a diagonal line from the fin to the nose to the outer end of the eye toward the temple. Of course, to discover the arch that the eyebrow should take, then the line will start from a fin of the nose, cross the iris of the eyes and up. This line will be done diagonally.

Do not mark the color at the beginning of the eyebrows

Try not to mark much the beginning of the eyebrow with color, when the maquila. It is best to apply a little lighter color and intensify it as the eyebrow advances. That is, the intensity will be marked in the arc of the same, to end with a well-blurred tone. As with eyeshadows, eyebrows can also be bought in a color with two shades so there are no mistakes.

Bet on the illuminator

Undoubtedly, it is one of the great basic in our life when we talk about makeup. Well in this case, even more. Because it will give greater personality to our eyebrows, highlighting them but always in their proper measure. You can choose an illuminating pencil, to be able to delimit the arch of our eyebrows. Without a doubt, they will be perfectly defined if we do so.

Neither straight eyebrows nor too arched

We cannot go to extremes because we would not get the effects we want. Therefore, we must forget about the straight eyebrows and also those that have too pronounced a bow. We only have to follow the nature of them, as we mentioned at the beginning. When the bow is very accentuated, it will leave us an expression in the same way, which does not favor us because we will look like the bad ones of the film. While if it is too straight, it will seem that our expression shows melancholy and is not what we want either.

Coconut oil for perfect eyebrows

We know that the hairs of the eyebrows can be quite rebellious. So that this does not happen, we must try to comb them so that they are always perfect. Therefore, you can take a mascara brush that you no longer use or is dry. You will put in it a couple of drops of coconut oil and pass it through the eyebrows. It is one of the best ways to comb, at the same time we will also be giving you essential nutrients for good growth.

Larger eyes

To make your eyes look bigger, nothing like trying to make the arch of the eyebrow also a little wider and not ending in a simple peak. You can achieve this if you do not get too tired. Try to always have an intermediate level or balance to get perfect eyebrows.

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