Remove stretch marks affects a lot of people since it is a superficial breakage of the tissues that create small scars that end up having a whitish appearance on the skin, standing out above the rest. There are places where they are much more common, like the hip, but we can have them in many places.

We are going to tell you some tricks to avoid having this problem and also to remove stretch marks. Although it is very difficult to finish them completely, the truth is that stretch marks can be minimized and reduced, so that their appearance does not stand out as much on the skin. In any case, we should think that this is something habitual since weight changes occur in some stages of life and can affect everyone, both men and women.

Why stretch marks occur

Stretch marks are lines that appear on the skin due to the breakage of the elastic fibers. This break occurs when the skin is stretched due to different changes and factors. Sudden changes in weight may favor its appearance, as well as the increase in muscles. The skin does not support that increase and breaks into some fibers. It occurs mostly in women because their skin is more delicate and fine, but can also appear in men. There are certain times when it is common for these striae to appear, such as growth or pregnancy, as we change weight abruptly.

These striations have a red color at first because it is when the fibers break. When they heal they turn white, just like scars, because these lines are scars on the skin. Once they have healed they are harder to minimize, but it is not impossible to reduce their appearance.

The main thing is to prevent

One of the things we can do to avoid stretch marks is to prevent changes in weight and volume. Although the elasticity of the skin may be determined by genetic issues, it also helps a lot that the skin is in good condition. We must moisturize it every day and drink plenty of fluids so that it is hydrated inside and outside. Foods with fatty acids also help us in this regard, as they maintain their elasticity.

Aloe vera for red streaks

When the stretch marks are red we can improve your healing with some home remedies. Aloe vera is one of them since it helps to regenerate damaged tissues. The pulp of an aloe vera plant can be used directly on the skin several times a day to help it improve. The aloe vera can also be used on stretch marks that are white; it can improve its appearance to moisturize the skin.

Exfoliates the skin

To reduce stretch marks a little when they appear we can exfoliate the skin. The skin is renewed little by little and if we exfoliate it we will be removing the dead skin. In this sense, we will help you to regenerate faster since the stretch marks have a less pronounced appearance.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very powerful when it comes to helping to regenerate the skin. That is why it is a great remedy when stretch marks appear. This vitamin applied several times a day on stretch marks can be a good solution if we want to reduce their diameter or reduce them.

Natural Oils

To hydrate the skin in depth there is nothing better than natural oils. We have oils like rosehip that is ideal for any type of skin and that helps to improve the appearance of this. Before the stretch marks appear we can use it to avoid them.

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