If we look back, aesthetic medicine is not something new. It has been used for many years to improve the aesthetics and beauty of both men and women. Although it is true that it is increasingly integrated into our society, there are still some doubts to clear.

Doubts that we must resolve as soon as possible to take a step with confidence. So if we put ourselves in the hands of professionals, the results we will obtain with aesthetic medicine will be amazing and lasting. Now that we have summer established and you think about what you would like to have or improve your physical appearance. Isn’t it a good time to know more about everything aesthetic medicine can offer you?

What is aesthetic medicine?

Aesthetic medicine is what helps us improve or recover some aspects of our physical and beauty that we have been losing over time. Let’s say it’s a help, which always relies on naturalness when it comes to getting the results. That is why he does not usually use techniques used in major surgery nor does he want general anesthesia. Otherwise, we will find less invasive and safer methods, in which local anesthesia may be used.Aesthetic medicine

It is already spoken of as an alternative to surgery. Since during these last years, his interest in her has been much greater. Since one of the most requested is to avoid wrinkles as well as the other signs of aging, but without altering the expression of the face.

What are the treatments that exist?

There are several treatments of aesthetic medicine that we can find since they will always start from the needs of each person. Some of them focus on face fillings, sagging, improve skin texture or luminosity. Of all of them, we will highlight the following.

Hyaluronic acid

One of the most common treatments in aesthetic medicine is this. It is a molecule that we can find in our skin or other tissues. But over the years, it will decrease and hence wrinkles make an appearance. So hyaluronic acid will hydrate the skin, gives it more firmness, smoothness, and delays aging.

Botulinum toxin

Treat wrinkles as well as expression lines. For this, it has to be injected into specific areas of the skin, especially in the face, through intramuscular injections. So that the relaxation of the muscles is achieved. A session can last for only about 15 minutes.

Photo epilation

Removing body hair is something that both men and women have in mind. While some of us try all kinds of options, the one that people resort to most in recent years is photo epilation. A lasting treatment with which we will say goodbye to undesirable hair.


Cellulite and body remodeling is another of the most demanded treatments. Because it is true that it costs to get rid of orange peel. Something that accumulates in the area of legs or arms and also in the abdomen. Now we see that it has a faster solution with aesthetic medicine.

Is aesthetic medicine the same as surgery?

We have already alluded to previously, but we can say no. Aesthetic medicine and surgery are not the same since the latter requires somewhat more complicated procedures and as such, general anesthesia. While the first is based on touch-ups, both on the face in terms of wrinkles and lips, remove hair, etc. Of course, in both options, we must always turn to great professionals, in order to obtain the best results and that will guide you according to your needs.