They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and therefore transmit much to the other people with whom we communicate. Show healthy and beautiful eyes are something important, and that is why you must avoid having swollen eyes. The eyes can swell for many reasons, from lack of sleep to fluid accumulation, so we must know how to combat this problem.

The puffy eyes can lead to unwanted crow’s feet, a problem that affects many people and it also has a certain genetic factor. But beyond the genes, we can always do something to improve the state of our gaze.

Why the eyes swell

There may be multiple reasons why the eye swell. It is true that much of the fault lies with genetics, as there are people who care a lot and swollen bags and eyes are impossible to remove, but to some extent, we can always avoid this walk. The swelling usually occurs due to fluid accumulation or lack of circulation in the area.

Healthy food

Healthy nutrition is very important when it comes to avoiding tissue swelling. If we avoid the accumulation of fluids, we are more likely to avoid swollen eyes. For this, we must take diuretic foods, such as asparagus or infusions. On the other hand, it is important to avoid processed sugar, fats and in general the foods that are processed. Foods of this type usually have large amounts of salt, so they cause us to accumulate fluids and feel swollen.

The fruits and vegetables provide many vitamins, proteins, and nutrients needed to have a young and cared skin. Fruits contain many antioxidants that help us avoid free radicals.

Cucumbers for the eyes

This is one of the most used tricks when it comes to lowering the swelling of the eyes. Using cucumbers can help improve circulation and reduce swelling. A good trick is to put the cucumbers in the fridge so they are cold. They must be applied right after cutting them so that they keep all their properties intact. They put on the eyes and allow themselves to act for about twenty minutes.

Tea bags

The infusions are very healthy and also allow us to use the bags that are left for the eyes. The infusions that work when decongesting the look are those of chamomile or tea. If we make an infusion we can leave the bags in the fridge and use them as we would with slices of cucumber.

The trick of the cold spoon

Almost everyone knows the trick of the cold spoon. In the mornings we usually get up with our face swollen and our eyes too. If we want to decongest this area quickly and efficiently we can leave a couple of spoons in the fridge the day before. These spoons are placed on the area that is swollen and with the cold help to reduce inflammation.

How to use creams

It is important to use specific creams for this area so that the eyes stay hydrated. However, the way in which we apply the cream can also condition the swelling of the area. Do not forget that it is a very thin skin that is also very delicate. You have to apply a few drops of cream around the eye, making small touches but without rubbing. In this way, the cream is absorbed but we do not force the skin until it is stretched. Neither should a large amount be applied since this area needs only a little hydration or else it will have fluid retention.