Currently, we have a large number of fruits at our disposal throughout the year. It is common to find some of them out of season, which makes us think that we no longer respect the natural cycles that make the fruits are in their best state of taste and nutrition. That is why we should consider consuming seasonal fruits.

The seasonal fruits are those that grow in the time that is propitious and therefore tend to have a natural cycle. There are several advantages for which it is recommended to take fruits in their season, so let’s see what these benefits are and some of the fruits that we can find according to the season.

Why consume seasonal fruitsseasonal fruits

When we talk about seasonal fruit we refer to the one that grows naturally at the time of year that is conducive to it. The seasonal fruit is not subjected to chemical processes that alter its nature so that it grows with its nutrients intact and quality. Surely more than once you have tasted the fruit that looks nice on the outside but whose flavor leaves a lot to be desired. Well, that type of fruit does not really have a natural maturation process, which makes its flavor and properties are not so good.

Besides the flavor, there is another thing that is advantageous if we take fruit in season. These are fruits that are less polluting, and that can also be purchased in our area so that less is spent on transportation and production. This translates into less CO2 generation, which is why it is less polluting fruit. Consuming local seasonal produce is also good for the environment.seasonal fruits

Consuming fruit throughout the year also has great benefits. These foods are very low in calories, have a lot of water and offer a large number of vitamins and antioxidants. Of course, they are part of any balanced diet and they help us to stay young and healthy. In fact, they recommend taking at least five pieces of fruit a day.

Winter FruitsWinter fruits

During the winter months, we can find fruits that are available almost all year round. Fruits such as bananas, which are grown in the Canary Islands, come to the Peninsula every month. The apples will be at their best and we will find a great variety of them. We also have fruits as necessary as oranges and kiwis, both great to replace vitamin C in our body. Pears also appear in both winter and autumn and there is usually quite a variety of them to choose from. In November, the persimmon and cherimoya also appear. Pineapple is also a fruit that we easily find since December.

Autumn fruitsAutumn fruits

During the fall there are some fruits that stand out above others. It is the season in which the great tangerines arrive. They are a fruit that lasts more or less until November. It is also time for figs and grapes, which last until December in the best conditions.

Spring FruitsSpring fruits

During the spring is essentially the season of strawberries, which do not last too long, so you have to take advantage of it. Nowadays you can also find raspberries. The strawberry begins at the end of February and lasts until about April.

Summer Fruits

Summer is a time when we can find an incredible variety of delicious fruits. It’s time for watermelons and melons, fruits full of water. We will also find peaches, raspberries, apricots, cherries or plums. This season is when we find the vast majority of varied fruits.

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