To be able to show off a good manicure and pedicure we have to take great care of the nails. Dry nails break much earlier and look dull. That is why we have to use nail oils so that we can enjoy better health in our hands.

The oil nail can be of many types as there are specific oils or natural oils used for many other things. We are going to see some oils that are perfect for our nails and also their uses.

Why use nail oils

It is common to moisturize the skin to make it look good, but sometimes we do not remember to moisturize the nail area. Nails need similar care because they also have to be nourished from the outside. Hydrating them is basic that we should not forget. It is important that between manicures we leave the nails without enamel one or two days and take this time to hydrate the nails.

When using the oils we will not only be moisturizing the nails, but we will also hydrate the skin around and the hands. We can perform a treatment to deeply hydrate the hands. In this way, we will prevent the nails and hands from looking bad.

One way to do this treatment is to use the oil at night. If you have cotton gloves, you can deeply hydrate your hands and nails and let that oil work overnight. The result will be soft hands and nourished nails.

What types of oils to use?

Natural oils can be a great remedy for battered and dry nails. These oils do not give us any reaction and also have multiple uses, so they can be the best cosmetic.

The olive oil is one of the most used nails, as can deeply nourish and also is the oil that everyone has at home. You can put oil in a bowl and directly dip your nails. If you do this several times a week you will undoubtedly notice the change in your nails, since you will see them much brighter and more hydrated.

The castor oil is one of the most recommended for nails and can be found in health food stores. This type of oil contains a good dose of vitamin E making it ideal for strengthening weaker nails. If your nails break frequently it is good to use this oil, because in addition to moisturizing them we will see how they remain whole and without breaks for longer.

The almond oil is very economical and has many uses. So it can become a cosmetic perfect for our skin and our nails. If we want to fully hydrate our hands, we can impregnate them in this oil and wear cotton gloves at night. We will notice the skin much more hydrated and silky and the nails will be brighter. In addition, over time they can help strengthen them.

The coconut oil can be a good oil for nails and skin of hands. This oil has the peculiarity that it is solid at low temperatures. But if we use it by rubbing our hands it already remains in a liquid state. It is the oil that has a peculiar texture and leaves really soft hands. In addition, it can be used throughout the body and even hair, so we will take advantage of the boat

The oil pure argan is a bit more expensive, but certainly, this is one of the oils that are more hydrating and caring more nails. You can use a few drops on the nails and massage. In addition, you must ensure that it is pure oil since to lower it; it is often mixed with others and loses properties.

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