It is very common to ask ourselves why we have dark circles. The truth is that sometimes we look in the mirror and do not believe what we see. They have installed themselves under the eyes without having allowed it and as we know, they have numerous causes, which are convenient to know.

The truth is that dark circles can be anti-aesthetic, but usually, we will always find some solutions to put an end to them. When we ask ourselves why we have dark circles, we must analyze our habits well, since sometimes they do come hand in hand with them. Discover it!

Why we have dark circles

Regardless of the cause itself, it should be mentioned that the skin around the eyes is much more sensitive than the rest of the face. So it will always notice more every change we have. Hence, the blood vessels are even more noticeable, causing the presence of the eyecup to intensify. We already know that the skin is more delicate and sensitive, in the same way, that it is always exposed to different external agents. All those people who have more pigmentation in the skin are more likely to have them.

Caused by fatigue

It is one of the most common causes. When the hours of sleep are not necessary, the skin of the eyes intensifies in color. It is a sign that something does not work correctly in our body. This will cause the blood vessels in the area to dilate and as a result, the dreaded circles appear. In this case, they will be quite marked, which leads us to change our daily habits. Not only in a matter of sleeping more but to park a little stress and take things more calmly.

Dark circles of the hereditary type

If we ask ourselves why we have dark circles, while other people have no trace of them, it can also be for this reason. The hereditary type will be present in our life. In this case, we will have a greater pigmentation in the area. Something that will be withdrawn neither with rest nor with a better diet or change of habits. It is said that this motive may be due to some alterations in the iron indexes. They are the most complicated when it comes to being eliminated and there are many people who opt for surgery, without having such a secure result.

Allergies also cause dark circles

It is another reason why we can have dark circles. When we are facing one of the factors that give us reaction the blood vessels that are around the eyes are congested. What makes them leave that kind of stain on their face? In cases like this, in which we know that the dark circles are caused by some type of illness, we will have to try first to see how the dark circles themselves are reduced as well.

Some indications to prevent them

As we have said, there are some cases in which it is almost impossible to reduce them. But in many others, we do have time to reduce them. So it is always advisable to rest properly and opt for a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water. Of course, the salt should be left aside because it also tends to favor the appearance of dark circles. Sleeping face up, it favors the best circulation of blood. We can help with some moisturizers, which contain vitamin K, as well as collagen creams. The cold will also favor us, so that placing a cold spoon on them, relaxes and also prevents the formation of bags that sometimes accompany the bags under the eyes.