The yellow toenails may appear when you least expect it. The truth is that it is a problem that should be treated as soon as possible. But of course, it does not hurt to know its causes to try to avoid it at all costs.

The most common is that when the yellow toenails make their appearance, we have to talk about fungi. That is, the infection is installed in this part of the body and we must treat it as soon as possible. Each time that infection is more than established, it will lead to that yellow color and thicken the nail. Let’s remedy it!

Why do the toenails turn yellow?

Because, as we have been commenting, it is an infection that exists in them. That is a fungus that causes those symptoms. In addition, it is also known as ‘onychomycosis‘ it usually appears on the nail of the big toe and is usually contagious. For this reason, if it is not treated in a radical way, it can happen to other toes.

Most common causes of foot fungus

It is true that it may be due to another series of problems but among the most frequent, we have to mention that they will be due to some kind of contagion both in swimming pools and in public bathrooms or changing rooms and similar areas. That is why we must always have adequate footwear to avoid fungi. On the other hand, it is also said that they can reach our lives by sweating and not wearing a shoe that transpires. What a combination of moisture can always result in such an infection. It is said that with the passing of the years it is more frequent to be infected by fungi since the nails will become more fragile, being able to tear easier and that is when the fungi are installed in them.

Preventive measures to avoid fungus and yellow toenails

In addition to always wearing our shoes in public places and maintaining proper foot hygiene every day, we cannot forget another fundamental step. Keeping nails short and filing them so that they are a little thinner is another step. Since in this way, fungi will have less space to settle. In addition, there is a kind of nail polish, which is very similar to enamels. Applying them on a regular basis will also prevent fungi from occurring.

Remedies to fight foot fungus

Lemon juice

If you want to say goodbye to yellow nails, then you can’t forget the lemon. You can soak a cotton ball in it or cut the lemon in half and rub it throughout the area. You have to be a little constant but without a doubt, this remedy is one of the most used.

Garlic clove

Boil a glass of water with three cloves of garlic inside. Then, when it is warm, we pour the water into a large container where the foot to be treated fits. We put it in the water and wait for it to cool completely that will be about 15 or 20 minutes.

Baking soda

Baking soda with a little water forms a paste that we must apply on the nail. In this case, you should do a massage on it with said paste. Remember to do it every day and in a very short time, you will see how the nail no longer has that yellow color.

Apple vinegar

Like the garlic clove remedy, we have the apple cider vinegar. We will have to pour water into a large bowl and add a glass of vinegar. For half an hour, dip your feet in this mixture. Once the time has passed, we must completely dry our feet, since the moisture helps the fungi continue to spread.

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